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Hovering burning at hovering.com
Fri Mar 30 13:16:44 PDT 2012

Hello Burners.

Since losing my health insurance with Kaiser a couple years ago, local  
health care professionals within our Burning Man community have been  
instrumental in helping me heal and keeping me healthy.  We have  
amazing, compassionate healers in our midst, for this I am thankful  
and forever indebted.

An important element of my personal health care program has been my  
enrollment and involvement with the Oregon Medical Marijuana Program  
(OMMP).  The OMMP came to my rescue post-surgery when I quickly became  
addicted to prescribed pain killers for chronic pain.  Since enrolling  
4 years ago, I have been helping other patients and their families  
negotiate the OMMP with information, resources and genetics so that  
they can better manage their personal health care.  I am now available  
to do that within our community.

If anybody would like help or information on the OMMP please feel free  
to contact me.  You can also check out the informational website that  
I maintain:  http://www.fosterdam.com and contact me through there.

On a related note, I am actively seeking OMMP friendly commercial  
landlords, investors, patients (for a documentary) and activists.  I  
would love to connect with like minded individuals on those fronts.

Be well Burners.  -Hovering


*medical marijuana, not so alternative actually

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