[portland-list] Katya Chorover in Concert on Sunday, April 1st @ Mary's house in Irvington

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Fri Mar 30 10:24:31 PDT 2012

Hi there, I¹m putting on a house concert for my friend, Katya Chorover on
Sunday, April 1st.  The house is magnificent, on the historic register,
murals on the walls, period furniture ­ a beautiful place to get cozy and
hear some amazing music...  Hope you can make it!

Here are the details or you can see and share them on Facebook @


Mary's House in Irvington, Portlandia, USA
2512 NE 21st Ave., Portland, OR

Katya will be playing with Dan Tyack on pedal steel and dobro and Kathryn
Claire will be opening for her.

Feel free to come at 7pm to pick a seat and to mingle. Also, extra
back-jacks or cushions are welcome. There are some couches and chairs and
lots of floor with rugs on it. It's a very sweet historic Irvington Home
which we are blessed to be housed in for the night.

http://www.katyachorover.com/ <http://www.katyachorover.com/>  

Map to house: http://g.co/maps/k72ef

Here is background on Katya and her Spring tour, if you know folks in other
cities, I'd highly recommend sending them to Katya's show. I first heard her
in Seattle many years ago and have been a big fan ever since, Albert!

KATYA CHOROVER - ³Folky-Tonk² Songstress
Touring in Support of New CD ³Big Big Love²

³The band on Big Big Love crackles and Chorover¹s vocals wrap around you
like a favourite blanket on a cold night.² J. Poet, Penguin Eggs U.K.

Cortez, CO ‹ In 2006, songwriter Katya Chorover traded a view of Washington
State¹s San Juan Islands for a view of the San Juan Mountains, which she can
now see from her living room in Colorado. It took this move from the
rain-drenched Pacific Northwest to the dry, high deserts of Southwestern
Colorado for her to find the inspiration she needed to complete her first
album in ten years, Big Big Love. That¹s a long time to wait for any artist,
and though she was busy writing and living her life, she¹d taken a long
hiatus from performing. But the sounds of country music radio that rolled
through the canyons of her home in Cortez, Colorado, subtly infused her new
songs with a kind of dusty, rusty twang.

With a long history of songwriting in the Northwest, where her insightful
lyrics and beautifully crafted melodies helped her stand far out from the
pack of singer-songwriters, Katya returned to Portland, Oregon, to work with
producer Casey Neill, an acclaimed songwriter himself, to record Big Big
Love. Neill helped line up a host of Portland¹s hottest roots musicians in a
city that¹s known as a hub for a new folk music revival, including two early
members of the Decemberists, Jesse Emerson on bass and Ezra Holbrook on
drums, and current Decemberist Jenny Conlee-Drizos on piano. Other musicians
include Annalisa Tornfelt (Black Prairie) on fiddle, Matt Brown (She and
Him) on guitar, Dan Tyack on pedal steel and dobro, and Zak Borden on

The full band sound showcases Katya¹s beautiful, crisp vocals, surrounding
her voice with a forest of acoustic instruments and electric steel guitar
The result is an album as delicately balanced as a desert rock pile, with
one foot in the acoustic country music Katya¹s grown to love, and another
foot in the innovative Northwest roots music scene that she helped build
years ago.

Big Big Love comes out of the gate with the title song, a beautiful waltz,
singing ³Come and paint me a picture/of a tranquil scene/a pond/a rowboat/a
peaceful dream.² Even with electric guitar and drums, ³Big Big Love² could
nearly be a country lullaby. In fact, much of Katya¹s new material came from
her ³parenting hiatus.² ³Since having a child, my life has slowed, and
changed immeasurably,² she says. ³Continuing to be creative has been a
challenge, but also has become somehow richer and even more pleasurable.²
You can hear this new burst of creativity in a song like ³Little Bird,² that
plays with rhythm, spinning around and around the melody, or in the song
³Cavalries of Love² that incorporates a beautiful trumpet line into a
soaring song of hope. 

Of course, the real star of the album is Katya¹s voice. Her singing is so
clear and beautiful, with just the slightest hint of a rough edged twang.
Despite being a native Bostonian, then a long-time Seattleite, there¹s a
natural grace to her country sound. Her love for roots music is evident
throughout the new album, and her poetic songwriting coupled with a deep
traditional sound has garnered her a devoted fan base. As she opens with the
words ³Big big love, big big heart, big wide spirit sets you apart,² we can
only feel the same big, big love right back at her, and we¹re sure you will

Big Big Love Spring/Summer Tour ­ More Dates TBA

Mar. 25 - Avogadro's Number, Fort Collins, CO ***
Mar. 28 - The Grant House, Vancouver, WA
Mar. 30 - Egan's Ballard Jam House, Seattle, WA +++
Mar. 31 - Traditions Fair Trade Cafe, Olympia, WA+++
Apr. 1 ­ House Concert, Portland, OR +++!!
Apr. 4 - The Grant House, Vancouver, WA
Apr. 6 - The Axe and Fiddle Public House, Cottage Grove, OR ^^^
Apr. 27 - Second Street Brewery, Santa Fe, NM (Rail Yard location)
June 2 - Dolores River Festival, Dolores, CO
June 3 - Club Passim, Cambridge, MA %%%

***Split bill w/ Kathryn Mostow
+++ With Dan Tyack on pedal steel and dobro
!! Kathryn Claire opens
^^^Split bill with San Francisco's Misner & Smith
%%% Split bill with Casey Neill

# # #

www.KatyaChorover.com <http://www.katyachorover.com/>

Publicity & Radio Contact: Sue DuMond Music Publicity & Media - (360)
468-2753, sue at suedumond.com

Booking & Info Contact: Katya Chorover ­ (970) 565-0144
info at katyachorover.com

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Big Big Love charted at #9 on the Folk-DJ charts in its first month of
release! ­ Jan. 2012

³a beautiful melodic snap shot of migration, loss and eventual redemption.
Katya¹s voice makes me think of a young Nanci Griffith and she has the
ability and delicate grace to make the mind conjure windswept mountain
ranges filled with long lost love. The album includes standout tracks
Cavalries of Love, Little Bird and Satisfied Life. Big Big Love would sit
well on your 2012 playlists!² ­Gigape.com blogger Paul McGlade

That Nashville Sound receives many different CD releases throughout the year
from indie, small majors, bluegrass and artists just off the mainstream
radar- or smaller projects like EPs- that we¹re doing short mini CD reviews
on. We call them That Nashville SoundBites- it¹s a feature that will allow
us to give some props to some albums and artists that deserve a spotlight on
their work. 

The Review: There are albums that can lull you to sleep with repetitiveness
and boredom. And there's others that act like one big lullaby, soft and
sweet like a comfy down pillow. This album by Chorover is the latter. She
pulls in some of the natural beauty of her surrounding Northwest mountains
on titles like "Little Bird" and "Brother Flower." Each track has an
comforting rhythm and draws on a little bluegrass influence. She even draws
in a trumpet into the inspiring track "Cavalries of Love." Graceful. Poetic.
Delicate. And all draped in acoustic roots. It's a great independent effort.
Stand-out tracks- "Little Bird" and "Possession"
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